Lahori's Dhaba 

Lahori's Dhaba

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 Michelle K.  9/11/2015   

I just can't say enough about how delicious their food is!  Soooo good and freshly made for you!  My husband is                                  Pakistani and even he loves the authentic food. Makes my mouth water.... More



Kelly R.  6/29/2015

All I can say is WOW, this place needs to be in its own category when it comes to Indo-Pak Cuisine. I've come back                        several times and have driven 45 min just to have their Chicken Biryani. The Pakoras are very light and their                                       Tandoori Chicken is not .... More



Nadeem H.  9/28/2014
                        I know Pakistani cuisine as Im Pakistani. Ive been to this restaurant once and tried their paratha rolls (both chk and                          beef) and chicken karahi. I had them made spicy. The rolls were tasty, authentic and .... More